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Able Locksmiths, LLC was founded in 1979 by Chester Christie. Chester managed the company from his home with his wife, Barb Christie by his side. Our first employee, Shon Andrews, came on board a few years later, and remains with the company today. Our fast and efficient services demanded the debut of a walk-in storefront, which we opened in 1993. We continued to expand both the services we offer and our service area, culminating in the acquisition of our current location at 304 West Patrick Street, Frederick, MD 21701. The 38 year span of Chester’s management resulted in Able becoming one of the largest and fastest growing locksmith companies in the region. Chester’s passing on May 13, 2017 spurred the second generation of Able Locksmiths to begin, as operated by Barb Christie and their son, Chris Christie.

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Able Locksmiths continues to be one of the most recognized full service locksmith companies in Western Maryland. We have a fleet of vehicles now serving customers throughout Maryland and DC, as well as West Virginia, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Able now employs more locksmiths and security professionals than ever before, constantly evolving to meet the growing security needs of our community. We are a proud Veteran owned business, specializing in the various skill sets necessary to provide effective security solutions for your automotive, residential, commercial, government (GSA), and safe service needs.

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